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I’ve been thinking about how I used to write on my blog a lot lately and must say i truly miss it. I often miss a place to share my thoughts, songs I listen to, whatever. Keeping up a diary is something I’ve tried to do but I guess it’s not the same. For some reason, I like to be heard and for people to reply to me and I guess that actually isn’t such a strange thing. Isn’t a reaction from people, apparently people from whatever- like even on the internet-, some thing we’re all looking for? Sometimes I’m a very private person and I like to be alone but of course in the end I don’t want to be. There are loads of things I could update you with and therefore there also is no reason to. Since I’ve been away I’ve fallen in and out of love again, and slightly in love again, I think, yes, I am, but I don’t dare to admit that to myself just yet. I failed school because that’s what I do best, try working my ass off, also trying to literally work my ass off since I’m still “too fat” to model. Found new music to listen to, old music to relive lost feelings. But most important of all: my father passed away and it was and still is a big part of my life now. It changed the way I think about things and people and everything that’s life or what isn’t. That isn’t a bad thing because it has made me aware of who are people to keep close and it has placed things such as failing in school in a certain perspective. That it doesn’t matter. Even though I always knew and it maybe is a romantic thought: just do the things you like to do, listen to the records that make your heart feel, keep on going when you feel like there’s nowhere to go, hold the people you love and in the end everything will fall in it’s right place. 

Now I feel like I should post a link to the Radiohead song with that title but instead I’m going to link the best live version ever of the best song of them every, and maybe now even the best Radiohead song but just the best song of all time. 

I got my hair cut, again. 
(from my instagram: idrvs)

I got my hair cut, again. 

(from my instagram: idrvs)

Anonymous: do people still ask you questions?

this question basically answers itself 

Anonymous: WHAT IS LIFE.


Flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen and then smashed.

Flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen and then smashed.

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